Welcome to T.O.S.K

TOSK was founded August 1998 on a local café in Trondheim, "Ni Muser".

There were 10 scooterists on the first meeting, and today there are aproximately 35 members. In addition to Vespas and Lambrettas, we're also driving Piaggio and some other brands. We're one of ten clubs under Vespa Norge.

We usually meet at one of the members at 19.00. Please look at "Plan for the season" to find out where, or contact the chairman or webmaster. We always meet the Sunday after the meeting for a drive.

This web-site is not translated into English as this will be too time-consuming to keep updated, but here is a translation of the links to the left:

Hjem - Home
Nyheter - News
Lenker - Links
Teknisk og prosjekter - Technical and projects
Gjestebok - Guest book
Kjøp og salg - Classifieds
Medlemmer - Members
Terminliste - Plan for the season

If you have any questions, please contact:
Anders Bjørlykke, chairman or
Pål Sørensen, webmaster.